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Sep 23, 2012 11:00pm EDT
: you're starting to see some attacking off the edge now. that time bernard pollard came around the edge and they simply didn't account for him. now a big moment in the ball game. the ravens defense really need to make a play. they were coming again. they are going to stay with it, looks like. >> al: they do and brady throws and it's caught on the outside and welker at the 2 yard line but at least they will hold them to a field goal attempt. it will still make it a two-possession lead as gostkowski comes in. >> cris: what a great play on the outside but you'll see everybody coming here but lardarius webb who was really faked out on the play by wes welker just ran him down and prevented the touchdown. at least held this thing to three. big play. i tell you, you put on the tape for just a few minutes and lardarius webb just sticks out. >> al: stephen gostkowski with a 20-yard field goal attempt. the chip shot is good. quarter, pats up by nine in baltimore. . that's why we serve only fresh 100% north american beef delivered to our restaurants all week long. and that's our promise. beca
FOX News
Sep 4, 2012 4:00am EDT
. joining me now from charlotte to analyze bernard whitman a former pollster for president bill clinton and the author of the new book "52 reasons to vote for obama." let's talk about if this in fact is what team obama is reduced to. they can't run on their own economy so they are essentially saying pay no attention to the obama economy, but check out the clinton economy from 20 years ago. is that about right? >> monica, no surprise. i completely disagree with you. we don't hide from our presidents, we showcase them there is a reason for that the fact is bill clinton in addition to remaining incredibly popular both men and women, whites, people of color, across all age groups, a lot of the republicans, a lot of independents, a lot of moderates like him a lot. they liked his economic record which created 26 million jobs and they understood that bill clinton's vision of shared prosperity is the same vision that barack obama has which is why barack obama is trying to get back to the clinton economic policies, including that of fair tax rates where everybody contributes their fair share and eve
Sep 16, 2012 1:00pm EDT
going to be back with more on this. paul wolfowitz, bernard-henri levy, and tariq ramadan when we come back. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. roc® max for maximum results. ♪ i can do anything ♪ i can do anything today ♪ i can go anywhere ♪ i can go anywhere today ♪ la la la la la la la [ male announcer ] dow solutions help millions of people by helping to make gluten free bread that doesn't taste gluten free. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything. solutionism. the new optimism. how did the nba become the hottest league on the planet? by building on the cisco intelligent network they're able to serve up live video, and instant replays, creating fans from berlin to beijing. what can we help you build? nice shot kid. the nba around the world built by the only company that could. cisco. >>> let's turn now to bernard-henri levy, the french philosopher who was instrumental in getting the world to intervene in libya march of last year. he spent a lot of time in benghazi and was a frie
Sep 16, 2012 7:00am PDT
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Sep 4, 2012 9:00pm PDT
separates st. bernards parish from plaquemines parish. flood waters are higher than most homes. >> we were supposed to be moving in next month. might be a delay now. >> becky and husband have spent years fixing one of the homes. >> believe it or not there was less water during katrina than now. >> i am standing on top of a levee eight to nine feet. there is a breach in that levee right here. it runs six to seven feet deep. >> the levee authority caused the breach to drain the water and eventually open the flood wall, still workers estimate it will be another two weeks for the water to recede. they take comfort as a caravan of e relief. >> most of us devote christians, it helps. >> jodie and team from operation blessing were here seven years ago when katrina hit. it was her first day on the job. >> when i saw the boats floating, they can't take this again. my heart goes out to them. if there is anything i would ask people to do, pray for them. >> disaster response begins with a hot meal. katherine white and infant haven't had a hot meal since monday. >> lawrence is grateful for a hot meal a
Sep 5, 2012 8:30am PDT
. >> president chiu: thank you, supervisor. supervisor else bernard. >> supervisor elsbernd: i would like to address this issue of the number of signatures changing our minds, a little experience in that regard. i remind you two years ago i appreciate the 31,000, i remember two years and two months ago i showed up at the department of elections with 79,000 signatures opinion admittedly i had six weeks to collect them not 29 days but 79,000 signatures and did something that had not been done in generations. no one had done that in well over 30 years as well as i could do my research. i recall with many of you sitting here making the exact same argument to you. you voted against it but then 80,000 citizens up and said they wanted to support the muni measure. and i also remember showing you polls that showed a poll 2-1. i remember many of you telling me sorry, i still can't support it. i learned a lesson. number of signatures don't necessarily move the dial. maybe some people's positions have changed and you want to use that argument today even though you rejected it two years ago, i suggest we
Sep 4, 2012 5:00pm PDT
our board engaged with, i think that, as supervisor else bernard said the positives outweigh the negatives. i want to highlight significant benefits from this applican proe are seeing the highest inclusionary fee in san francisco and i think that's important to mention. this is money that could potentially go to another waterfront parcel that could be dedicated towards affordable housing. i think that we have talke talka lot about who this waterfront is for and i agree with the water mark and potentially with the washington project we've approved two luxury developments on the waterfront and i'm excited that the port is moving forward with a parcel on seawall lot 22-1 that can be dedicated toward affordable housing also for the city. unfortunately for us to get funding to move these projects forward we often depend on market rate developments in san francisco. we saw it with the millennium, with the water mark, with st. regis, all passed with a super majority vote of the board of supervisors. i think with the calculations that were made with this project, we found that we were ab
Sep 4, 2012 2:00pm PDT
. campos present. chiu present. chu present. cohen present. els bernard present. farrell present. kim absent. mar absent. olague present. wiener present. mr. president, you have a quorum. >> president chiu: thank you. ladies and gentlemen, could you please join me in the pledge of allegiance. >> (reciting the pledge of allegiance. allegiance). >> president chiu: colleagues, we have board meeting minutes from july 10, july 17, and july 24 of this year. could i have a motion to approve those minutes? motion by supervisor campos, seconded by supervisor cohen. they're approved. do we have communications in. >> the clerk: yes. pursuant to charter 14.102 and california election, we are in receipt of a communication from john arts, director of the department of elections dated august 1, 2012. a petition of referendum against ordinance no. 10412, the eighth washington street project, the zoning map amendment has been certified by department of elections. due to the summer recess i have communicated this information and also agendized the ordinance for today's meeting. item 22 is the public he
Sep 18, 2012 8:00am PDT
individualism." and also with me, democratic strategist bernard whitman. i'm going to get to both of you in just a moment. i want to play a little more of those comments made by romney at that private fund-raiser. this was surreptitiously recorded specifically about the 47% group. have a listen. >> my job is not to worry about those people. i'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. >> all right, margaret hoover, i want to start with you. my job is not to be concerned about w that group. sounds reminiscent of something he said in february to soledad o'brien. i'm not concerned about poor people he said he wasn't concerned that he thought he would fix anything wrong with the social safety net, but this has got to be troublesome. how troublesome is it? he did host a very late-night news conference. >> right. well, it's troublesome in that it's an inartful tic he has, where he says i don't have to worry about that and refocus on what he is going to focus on. i went back and watched that clip. again, as you said, surreptitious video at the end of
Sep 2, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. young asia cottom, rodney dickens and bernard brown were brimming with excitement as they had been selected from a group of 6th-graders to fly all the way to california with their teachers for a national geographic conference. >> the day was just a normal day, and bill went off to work, i got the kids to school, and... >> she banished me from driving because she claimed that my driving, i was reckless. so she drove that morning... >> ...a hug, and he went on, we said we were gonna meet at the mall for dinner... >> marjorie salamone worked late the night before and was tired as she kissed her husband ben good-bye and left for work that tuesday morning. >> i noticed that here dress was open in the back. and so i looked at that and i just thought, "i wonder if she knows that her dress is open in the back." so i said something to her about it and she said, "oh, yeah, i know about it," and i said, "oh, okay." and i think that might have been the last thing we said, i just don't remember. >> nobody knew what lay ahead. >> man: they turned off the transponder and dove the airplane down to
Sep 2, 2012 12:15am EDT
home and get adopted. >> the spca tells me 22 cats and seven dogs from st. bernard parish in louisiana have been rescued and brought here to houston. an additional 60 arrived last week, just ahead of the storm. and another 50 from mississippi will be arriving over the weekend. >> these animals all need a loving home. we don't know everybody's background situation. they are innocent animals. they fled this awful hurricane. they could have been stuck there. we may not have ever met them and now they are here and this is their turn to have a second chance at life. >> for just $5 this holiday weekend, you can give one of these adorable animals that second chance. and rest assured the spca is making sure they are ready to go home with you. they have been vaccinated, spayed or neuters and microchipped. while the animals are coming, the supplies are going. >> we are a supply distributor for a year around the time of katrina. >> so right now with hurricane isaac, american textile recycling services is gathering everything from clothing and shoes to toys and blankets, sorting everything and the
Sep 28, 2012 12:00pm CDT
trivia question: where did the ryder cup get its name? a.) bernard darwin b.) an english seed merchant c.) an american rental truck company the answer is ahead in this hour of the wgn midday news. time for sports: the sox need to go on a run to make the playoffs now, but they'll have to do it against the rays... one of the hottest teams in baseball. jake peavy gave up just two runs in 7-plus innings. sox down a run with the bases loaded in the fifth... paul konerko grounds into a double play, but the tying run scores. it's still tied at 2 in the 9th... brett myers pitching, and he gives up the go-ahead home run to evan longoria. sox lose 3-2... their 8th loss in 9 games. the tigers swept the royals so they now lead by 2 games with 6 games left in the season. the cubs trying to avoid a sweep in colorado..... they're already down 3-1 in the second... former cub d.j. lamahieu hits a two run homer... chris volstad only lasted 3 innings. the cubs pull within two runs in the 9th... but with the tying runs in scoring position, anthony recker grounds-out to end the game. cubs lose 7-5
FOX News
Sep 20, 2012 1:00pm EDT
is this about? and what does it mean for the white house race, if anything? bernard whitman is a democratic pollster and author of "52 reasons to vote for president obama," and marc thiessen is a former speech writer for president george w. bush. and i want to -- we're going to get to another topic today because something we've been talking about with marc for more than a week now, couple of weeks has been a major development with the president and his daily intelligence briefs, um, and we're going to talk about that in a minute, but i want to start with this ad. it's no accident, bernard, that this is airing in florida where the jewish vote is significant, and not just the jewish vote, but the sort of pro-israel vote. and so, clearly, it seems aimed at those voters. but does it help one side or the other? >> well, it's certainly meant to try to help mitt romney. in fact, it's a desperate and, i think, quite inappropriate attempt to scare people and distort the president's record. the fact is, megyn, that barack obama right now is killing mitt romney among jews, nationally he's a
Sep 15, 2012 4:00pm PDT
organizations whose mission is to promote compassion and creativity in our society. the bernard and audre rapoport foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. more information at" anne gumowitz. the betsy and jesse fink foundation. the hkh foundation. barbara g. fleischman. and by our sole corporate sponsor, mutual of america, designing customized individual and group retirement products. that's why we're your retirement company. >>> welcome. when five conservative members of the supreme court handed corporations and the super-rich the right to overwhelm our elections with tsunamis of cash, they moved america further from representative government toward outright plutocracy, where political power derived from wealth is devoted to protecting wealth. we saw it first in the mid-term elections of 2010, and we're seeing it in spades in this year's elections -- organized money, much of it dark money, given secretly so it can't be traced, enveloping the campaign for president, congressional campaigns
Sep 2, 2012 10:00am EDT
looervetmiddle bernard lewis, on the past and future of that world. >>> first, here's my take. so i thought i would take a step away from politics, the conventions and the campaigns and look around the world. you know, the other 95% of humanity. i wanted to focus in on a story that does not get enough attention -- africa. the imf says that six of the ten fastest growing economies in 2012 are in africa. over the past decade, according to the african development bank, the number of middle-class consumers in africa, those who spend between $2 and $20 a day, has expanded 60% to 313 million. that's about the same size as the middle classes in china and india. health is improving, as well. according to the world bank, one key indicator, the death rate of children under 5, is dropping dramatically. over 5% a year in ten sub-saharan countries and over 8% in kenya, rwanda, and senegal. there are even bright spots in the reduction of corruption. ghana, south africa, namibia, rwanda, and botswana each has less corruption, gets this, than italy and greece according to transparency international
FOX News
Sep 15, 2012 1:00am PDT
brand new friday factor feature called what the heck just happened. greg gutfeld and bernard mcguirk. security is standing by. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. >> bill: lowe's the boss segment tonight. dueling poll. among likely voters, president obama leads mitt romney 49, 46. brand new rasmussen poll out today has romney up 48% to 45%. you may remember rasmussen was the most accurate pollster in 2008. here now the mighty fox business anchor lou dobbs. when you are looking at these polls on -- in the middle of september, do they mean anything right now. >> they give indication as to where this race is and it's where it was just about a month ago. that is extremely tight. the rasmussen poll as you point out, most accurate in 2008, it is also the outlier right now because of its record of accuracy, the folks who are really the consensus here are now more worried about this not being lined up with rasmussen, that would be my guess. >> this year is different than most other years. ideology is not going to drive this vote. the wallet is. the wallet is going to drive the vote. mit
FOX Business
Sep 1, 2012 9:00am EDT
the way, taking it all in, happy to be here. bernard and carley, everybody else. nats is probably around, trevor playing who knows what. let's do this. >>connell: the campaign trail, the i-man talking about how it's too early to worry about polls, president obama with pretty good numbers over the last two days, leading mitt romney by 9 points in the fox new poll, 49-40 #-rbgs 52-45 in the cnn poll. president obama's latest ad questioning whether mitt romney paid taxes in the past, romney saying i don't know what the to hope and change. another person passed out in colorado springs in the middle of president president os speech. >> if you've been standing for a long time, bend your knees for a little bit. this happens every time we have a rally. they'll be okay -- >>imus: what a self-absorbed schmuck. thinks he's a rock star. >> people fainting all the time. all the time. >>imus: oh my god. >> just get used to it. >>imus: is there any possible way that he can resign between now and november? he's just a schmuck. >> give him a mop so he can help clean up this country. >>imus: come o
FOX News
Sep 20, 2012 1:00am PDT
purveyor of bernard i understand mitt romney is trying to humanize himself by doing this stuff. i have been on those shows that ask me dopey questions about stuff. i simply don't answer them. what are you kidding me? i'm just a tv guy. i would say boo boo, snooki, i have got to save the economy. i'm sorry. you know? >> i'm with you. i'm totally with you on this. we both understand why politicians go on entertainment shows because there are people out there who don't watch new shows and they do watch entertainment shows and it's a way to get to them. but talking about snooki and boo boo. this is like -- this would be like yogi berra lecturing about art in the main dynasty in china. yogi doesn't know jack about that and mitt romney doesn't know jack about snooki and boo boo. >> to his credit. >> yes. that's to his credit but when he comes off making belief he does, what does that say? >> bill: i don't know. maybe he -- >> -- here we go again. i'm going to pander to the audience. i'm going to say what i am supposed to say. >> bill: maybe he does watch for comic relief a
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 232 (some duplicates have been removed)